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Airport Advisory Members:
Marvin Baker
Dwayne Eklund
Cary Kemble
Tim Oakley
John Sweenie

It is the responsibility of the Airport Advisory Board to study, investigate, counsel, develop and update (as needed) a written management plan for the operation and management of the Brush Municipal Airport.  Also, when requested by City Council, the Board shall consider and recommend upon any special matter or question within its authority.  Meetings are held infrequently on an as needed basis.

Board of Adjustment Members:
Ed Loose
Jeff Osuch
Paula Pattee
Harry Rieger
Ken Weisser

The Board of Adjustment hears requests for variances and appeals of decisions made in the enforcement of the Land Use Code.  A variance is a request made by a property owner to make an improvement to their property that does not strictly comply with the requirements of the Land Use Code.  The Board is a decision making body with a fair amount of authority.  Anyone wishing to appeal a decision made by this board must do so in a court of law.  Meetings are held infrequently on an as needed basis at 6:00 PM.

Brush Housing Authority Members:
Councilor Marlene Baker
Cis Berg
Suzanne Brown
Harry Rieger
John Sweenie
vacant seat

Brush Housing Authority is located at 612 Ray Street in Brush and the Executive Director is Becky Rusch.  The Brush Housing Authority serves the immediate needs of the disabled, elderly and low-income families in the city of Brush through their Centennial Manor East, West and South units.  It also serves the needs of  low-income families throughout Morgan County by its Section 8 Choice Voucher Program.   Brush City Council affirms the members as required by state statute.

East Morgan County Library Board Members:
Councilor Marlene Baker
Larry Coughlin
Greg Krob
Carla Krueger
Gayle Lindell
Sandra Sumner
Carolyn Thornsby
Lenore Wind

As a special taxing district the East Morgan County Library Board consists of residents within the legal service area of the library.  Brush City Council affirms the governing board as required by state statute.

Finance Committee Members:
Mayor Rick Bain
Councilor Heath Becker
Joanne Gosselink
Councilor Vicky Quinlin
Councilor Dana Sherman
Monty Torres

This committee comprised of the Mayor, three council members and the Finance Director, meet to review the expenditures of the City and recommend payment to City Council.

Fireman's Pension Members:
Mayor Rick Bain
Pat Draegert
Steve Edwards
Zach Evelyn
Joe Ginther
Joanne Gosselink
Mark Miller
Councilor Dana Sherman
Monty Torres

Members oversee the pension plans for Retirees of the Brush Volunteer Fire Department.

Golf Course Advisory Members:
Dave Cross
Bob Gunnon
Bill Holland
Tom Keller
Councilor Dan Scalise
Lance Schwindt, Ex Officio
Shawn Stutzman, Ex Officio

The Board provides guidance and recommendation for the operations of The Course at Petteys Park Brush Municipal Golf Course.

Historic Preservation Board Members:
Miriam Buckmaster
Shaire Chavez
David Lawrence (Alternate)
Councilor Dan Scalise
Helena Schultz
Suzanna Spears

The main goal of this Board is to recognize historic buildings in Brush! and allow these buildings potential access to grant funding for repairs and rehabilitation.  Historic designations are granted on a voluntary basis.

Museum Board

Councilor Marlene Baker

A Brush City Council Member serves as a liaison to the Brush Museum Board.

Planning & Zoning Members:
Mayor Rick Bain
Richard Biren
Tim Oakley
Councilor Vicky Quinlin
Councilor Dan Scalise
Monty Torres
Steve Treadway

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews development proposals and makes recommendations to City Council regarding their compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code.  This commission is responsible for reviewing zoning changes, subdivision proposals, and comprehensive plan amendments.  Meetings are held infrequently on an as needed basis at 6:00 PM.

Tree Board Members:
Bruce Bosley
Sharon Bzdek
Paula Crook
Donna Phillips
vacanct seat

The Tree Board is responsible for developing and updating an annual plan for the preservation and care of trees in the City’s public spaces.  The board also promotes the planting of new trees in the City through the celebration of Arbor Day every April.  Arbor Day activities include:  art contest for 3rd Graders, tree planting ceremony, and planting street trees.

Water Advisory Board Members:
Larry Coughlin
Greg Mullen
Steve Treadway
Ace Ward
Marci Wickham

When requested by City Council, members shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and provide recommendations concerning water issues within the scope of its authority.