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Driving Distances to Major Cities (miles)

Denver - 90 Chicago - 914
Lincoln - 396 Los Angeles - 1104
Albuquerque - 490 Nashville - 1124
Dallas - 766 Seattle - 1344
Las Vegas - 840 New York - 1688
Phoenix - 908 Miami - 2031

Brush! is truly a transportation hub in Eastern Colorado. With a central US location that has Interstate-76, two US Highways (34 & 6), and a major State commercial transit highway all passing through, we are in a good location to help facilitate businesses function well.

Ports to Plains Corridor

A 2300-plus mile economic development corridor, passing through nine states, between Texas and Alberta, Canada makes up the Ports to Plains. It is a valuable asset to communties and organizations located or doing business on the route. Brush! is located in the middle of of the passage as Highway 71 intersects our City.


Brush Municipal Airport

Brush Municipal Airport (7V5) primarily provides recreational aviation interests while also serving other local aviation needs. Located just east of Brush, and 90 miles northeast of Denver, the airport supports the City's signature as a "regional aeronautical recreation center". It is also a location for flight training, emergency medical operations, search and rescue operations, aerial firefighting, aerial photography and surveying. Brush Municipal also supports the personal, civic and business needs of the local community.

Denver International Airport

With 35,000 acres, DIA is the largest airport by total area in the United States. It it the 5th busiest airport in the US, and th 11th busiest in the world. DIA was voted Best Airport in North America by readers of Business Traveler Magazine six years in a row (2005–2010) and was named "America's Best Run Airport" by Time Magazine in 2002.


Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) serves Brush! and the area. Amtrak Services, supporting the Chicago-Denver-San Francisco run, makes a stop just west of Brush! in Fort Morgan.