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Tyler Purvis, Marketing Specialist

On most large maps of America, Brush! might not even appear. But we know well that the exclamation point in our name is there for a reason. For a small community, we have a lot of big things we do! So we make it a point to continually develop and promote who we are inside and outside the community. Our marketing department works with City staff, business organizations, and the community to focus on different projects to drive economic development here in Brush! From the 4th of July Rodeo, to the new business downtown, from what goes on the website, to the industrial sites at the edge of town, we are tied into the whole process.

2018 Goals

  • Exisiting Business development support
  • Hospital Road Development
  • Central School
  • English Feedlot Master Plan

  • Looking to Do Business?

    If you are looking to start, move, or expand into Brush, we have much to offer! With community minded citizens, charming settings, ideal locations, business incentives, and an engaged business climate, Brush is a great place to get plugged in. City Council and our City staff are very proactive in ensuring we are doing what we can to assist your business in getting established.

    To the right are some tools, info, and links to help you get things rolling. We look forward to working with you!