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Joanne Gosselink, Finance Director

The finance department provides accounting, purchasing, payroll, billing, collection, debt management and cash management services for the City of Brush! We manage and protect our financial resources to enhance Brush's financial condition for residents, businesses and investors. We make it a priority to maintain professional ethics, fiscal integrity, trust, and stewardship of city finances. To the right is our financial guidelines and recent annual audit report you can access.

The finance department also handles customer service. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact City Hall.

Brush is a statutory City; therefore both State (2.9%) and City (4.0%) sales taxes are paid to the State and the City is then reimbursed.

City Assessed Valuation

2016 $39,611,420
2015 $41,105,370
2014 $41,007,970
2013 $40,745,150

Mill Levy

City of Brush! 15.683
Morgan County 28.966
East Morgan County Hospital 4.500
East Morgan County Library 3.500
NC Water Conserv. Dist. 1.000
Lower South Platte Conserv. Dist. 0.500
RE2-J School District 52.360
TOTAL 106.509

Tax Rates

State Sales 2.9%
City Sales/Use 4.0%
Property for Industrial & Commercial 29%
Corporate Income 4.75%
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Available